Welcome to the website for the ANUSA Ethnocultural Committee. We are a committee that represents, runs events and provides support for those who identify as ethnically and culturally diverse on the ANU campus. The committee is run by ANUSA and the executive but we run off a collectivist structure, so feel free to get involved and contribute to the running of the committee! Join our autonomous Facebook group, to start getting involved!

The committee is currently in the long and difficult task of building the foundation to become apart of the various ANUSA Departments in 2017. As such, we are still building much of the material on the website, so look forward to seeing content emerge over the course of the year. You can keep updated on our going ons during the year by subscribing to our mailing list or following our non-autonomousFacebook page.

Please have a poke around our website! If you would like an accessible or large print version of anything on the website or have any questions please contact ourexecutive, who are always happy to chat!